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    Brand- GEMMA

    GEMMA focuses on the design and manufacture of precision mechanical parts. Since the 1990s, due to its superior quality, it has become a major supplier partner of bicycle brands. After putting precision mechanical parts into the bicycle field and focusing on the bicycle hydraulic brake system, it has become a very popular brand in the industry and has won many players and European and American favorites. At present, the hydraulic brake system GA-900 series and GA-1000 series of GEMMA designed by Taiwan professional team, Incorporate the usability considerations of electric bicycles to create better high-speed braking force. GEMMA continues to gather enthusiasm to meet the various needs of bicycle enthusiasts around the world, maintain more than decades of persistence in good quality, and embrace the innovative thinking of the future with the spirit of Taiwanese craftsmanship.

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  • G3 Four-Pistion / G3-1 Four Piston

    Lead time 60~75 days


    Lead time 60~75 days

    GA-500 ~ GA-1000 Series

    Lead time 60~75 days

    mechanical Disc Brake

    Lead time 60~75 days

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